Great Videos for New Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Students

Here’s a simple collection of some basic things a new Brazilian jiu jitsu student might want to know as they get started. These aren’t really jiu jitsu technique videos. They’re more of basic, good-to-know knowledge.

First up: tying the belt. This often causes some stress to new students, who do not want to look clueless by tying the belt wrong.

1. Tying the belt with Professor Adam Kayoom:

2. My preferred way of tying the belt, with Professor Relson Gracie:

3. How to tie pants with Professor Pedro Elias:
This also throws people off, becuase jiu jitsu gi pants are unlike most other kinds of pants – they are meant to fit a wide range of people and they have an often frustrating drawstring waist.

4. How to wash a NEW Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi.
Special care is needed for a new gi, if you want to help keep the color of it bright and vibrant. Vinegar is the secret ingredient. You also don’t want it to shrink. Note this is only for a NEW gi, on the first wash. For regular washing, check the next video down.

5. How to wash any Brazilian jiu jitsu gi from Purebred Guam:
Some good basic tips on how to wash your gi day in and day out. I also throw a cup of baking soda in with my detergent.

6. A Fancy way of folding up your gi and belt to take it with you:

7. The classic “Backpack” gi fold technique:

8. How to be a good training partner, when the instructor uses you as an example: The instructor may call you up to use you to help demonstrate the technique. Here’s what NOT to do (With Professor Tom deBlass):

9. Some basic Mat Etiquette with my first instructor, Professor Mario Correa: This includes getting on and off the mat, hygiene, bowing, and interacting with your partner.

10. The missing video: how to be a good training partner: I tried to find a good video for this, but I failed. But it’s OK, because I don’t think you need a whole video. It’s simpler than that: you just ask. Keep asking your partner if what you are doing is helpful or not. They will let you know if you’re doing the right thing or wrong thing, or if you’re going too hard or too soft. Just keep asking, and you’ll always be a good partner.

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