Happy New Year! Dark Horse Newsletter #2


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Dark Horse Newsletter

Left to Right: Prof. Dude, Coach Eric, Lucas Hennessey, Ally Wolski, Prof. Charles

A new purple belt, blue belt and green belt! Congratulations everyone! Keep up the good work. Make sure to start scheduling your goal meetings for 2021!


Birthdays and Attendance!

Happy Belated Birthdays!

  • Ally Wolski Dec. 11

  • Kevin Davis Dec. 12

  • Brendan Churchin Dec. 13

  • Austen Grafa Dec. 17

  • Jack Webster Dec. 20

  • Lev Shulman Dec. 22

Happy Upcoming Birthdays!

  • Mikey Garrity Jan. 11

  • Grant Fogle Jan. 15th

  • Jeremy Rigotti Jan. 23rd

Attendance Shout Out!


Stephen StanekScott is the definition of a dedicated and disciplined student. He has without a doubt run away with our 2020 attendance challenge! 

2020 Attendance Challenge Winners

  1. Stephen Francis StanekScott

  2. Lucas Hennessey 

  3. Jake Montgomery 

  4. Ally Wolski

  5. Gaelen McKillip 

Youtube Spotlight

Check out our most viewed video of the month!

Balls Out in the Arena w/ Eric “Cobra” Coe


More Stripes!




Jeff Owens & Chad Adams

Matthew Sexton & Hy Tawil

Quentin Randazzo, Austin Clinton, Dillon Pentis

Jon Scott, Jake Montgomery, Jesse Ignell, Ally Wolski, Quentin Marqaurdt 

Coach B & Zach Riesche

1% better everyday 

Check out Coach B giving out stripes in the quarantined expecting-fathers class!    

FYI Picture Day was fun!

Come through next time!

Thanks again to everyone that has joined our community before, during, and after these trying times. We cannot thank you enough for your support. 

To the folks who have not been able to attend class due to the pandemic, we hope the new year brings safer conditions that allow you to return to the mats sooner rather than later! 

We are eternally grateful for your act of faith. Without your support and your belief in us, we would not still be here. 

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe! We love you! ❤️

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