April Update: New Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class, Upcoming Tournament, Women's Self Defense Seminar

Q: What do you call a goat that knows martial arts?

A: A karate kid.

News Around the Academy.

Schedule Changes:
Advanced BJJ will be moving to 7pm Thursday nights when Coach Kiefer takes off. This change is effective 4/19
Thursday 8pm Judo is on hiatus as Coach Sean is having a baby. It will return. For now, Thursday 8pm will be sparring focused on takedowns.
Competition Class... with Coach Kiefer leaving for the summer, this class currently does not have an instructor and may go on hiatus for a while. Open to ideas.....

Currently In Stock:
Basic boxing gloves ($25) in 16oz for men and 12oz for women.
Basic shin guards ($25) in red or blue.
Mexican-style elastic handwraps, $7.
More stuff is on the way and as always we are happy to order anything from martialartssupplies.com or, preferably, combatcorner.com. We can always save you some money that way.  

Pro Tip:
If you don't wear handwraps for Muay Thai, think about it. If you do anything with your hands for work or are prone to injuries in the hand/wrist, you should be wrapping up to prevent injuries. We're happy to teach you how to put them on and at $7 it's a cheap investment in your health.  Think of it as the mouthguard for your hands. 

Saturday / Sunday BBQing
Several people have asked about hanging out post-training and BBQing. We love this idea. Let's drum up some interest on Facebook and we're happy to help out with this. Maybe even invite the CrossFit folks...

  • 4/30 Women's Self Defense Seminar at Dark Horse Combat Club.
    Free, open to anyone age 13 and up, starts at 1pmdetails are here. Please share with your friends and loved ones, it could save their lives! 
  • 5/6 Volleyball in Wash Park with CrossFit Elevation
    1pm. Let's show these bros how it works. Jean shorts encouraged. Deets here
  • 5/12 Thai Fight Series #1 Commerce City, $20 GA, event details here
  • May 13: 9th Annual Colorado State BJJ Championships
    Check out the details at f2wbjj.com and make sure to speak with your coaches if you are planning on attending.
  • May 27: USA Combat Wrestling Tournament in Colorado Springs
    USA Combat Wrestling is basically a combination of no-gi BJJ/submission grappling and freestyle wrestling. It's a good opportunity to compete and pre-registration is only $50. Full details on this event can be found here and more info on Combat Wrestling is here.
  • 6/18 Martial Arts Day at Elitchs
    Demo team anyone? I'm the king of the demo.
  • June 24thDark Horse Team Summer BBQ / Promotions
    Location and time TBD.

This Week's Classes:

Fundamentals BJJ: Review week, so lots of time spent on triangle escapes (early/3-ups, magic button, defcon 1 escape) and armbar escapes. Self defense is reviewing the bear hug defenses. 
Intermediate BJJ: Outside guard passing. Bullfighter, Galvao bullfighter/superman, x-pass, etc. 
All-Levels BJJ: Teacher's Choice... whatever could it be? You'll have to come to find out. 
Advanced BJJ: Anaconda guard

Fundamentals Muay Thai: Combinations 1-5, and combinations with low kicks
All Levels Muay Thai: Bobs and checks

One last thing.

Take the 6 minutes to watch this highlight of Vasyl Lomachenko vs Jason Sosa, if you want to see what mastery looks like. Lomachenko fights from inside the matrix. Unbelievable. 

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