February Update - Upcoming events, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar, New Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes

Q: What's orange and sounds like a parrot? 

A: A carrot.

Now that we have your attention, read on for the latest news from Dark Horse. 
  • Construction Update
    First off, thanks very much for your continued patience as we finish up the bits and pieces of the build-out. We know it's a mess at times and we appreciate you hanging in there. We're getting it done as fast as we can. We're all ears for suggestions about what you'd like to see around the academy. You can email or call, and please fill out the Student Survey below.  
  • Welcome to New Students
    Remember how tough it was for you to start taking classes? Please help us welcome the new students by introducing yourself and making yourself available to answer questions. The strength of the academy is in the students. New students this month: 
    Eric L. , Jack M., Rhys P., Dan S., Colin B. 
  • Etiquette: The Mat
    This month's etiquette reminder is about entering and leaving the mat. Traditionally, martial arts originating in east Asia were developed and taught in temples. As a result, the training area has always been considered somewhat sacred. What we do on the mat is special and very important. The tradition is to bow whenever you enter or leave the mat, to acknowledge that tradition and to show respect for the hard work that the generations of fellow students, and you, have put into their martial arts practice. The dojo is not just another room. The bow itself is quick and easy - face the mat, bow at the waste (no had gesture required) , no need to make a big deal out of it. The second part is that if you are late to class, please wait for the instructor to invite you into the class.  It really helps them to deliver the best class they can. Thanks for taking the time to uphold this these traditions. 
  • New Classes
    If you haven't looked at the schedule in a while, we have added several new classes, particularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The schedule is posted here and is generally always up to date. We are always open to suggestions for adding new classes. While we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to do exactly what you want, we promise to do our best. When a new class is added, it's in a kind of probation period for the first few weeks. This helps make sure we're offering the classes that people actually want. if a class struggles to have good attendance, it's logical for us to assume it's not wanted and to remove it. If you really want to see a class stick around, vote with your attendance and ask your fellow students to attend. 
  • One Person Class / Private Lesson
    FYI, if you are the only person that shows up for a scheduled class, don't expect the instructor to teach. That's because it's nearly impossible to teach Brazilian jiu jitsu to one person. The instructor cannot see what you are doing if you don't have someone else to perform the technique on. The same is true for lessons, which is why most instructors will require you to bring a partner for your private lesson. If you're solo for a class, the instructor may choose to train with you, may teach something, or may cancel the class altogether. Thanks for your understanding. 
  • Membership Upgrade Deadline
    If you have a classes-per-week membership and are interested in upgrading to unlimited, please consider doing so before March 1. After March 1st you can still upgrade, but the discount will disappear. You are not required to upgrade - if you're happy where you are at, we're happy to have you there. 

Student Survey - Win a Starbucks Gift Card!

If you follow this link , you'll be taken to an anonymous student happiness survey. This completely anonymous survey is anonymous - we'll never know what your answers were. The point is to offer you a chance to anonymously (and therefore completely honestly) tell us about your experience at Dark Horse. Please take a minute to take the survey - it genuinely helps us offer the best experience we can for you.  To entice you, we'll give away a Starbucks gift card to one lucky person who takes the survey (but we still won't see your answers.). Thanks for your help with this!

Upcoming Events

  • 3/4 Liz Tran BJJ Seminar. 
    Event details, including ticket purchase link here. Saturday March 4th, 12-2 pm.  Liz is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, a multiple-time world champion both in the gi and no-gi, and a Northglenn PD officer and instructor in suspect restraint. This is a great opportunity to learn very technical jiu jitsu from a smaller Professor. Don't miss out. Ticket price goes up after 2/28. Tickets available online here
  • 3/21 Dr. Armbar 
    Professor Dudderar from the Longmont school will be visiting us for evening classes on March 21st. Don't miss it. Learn why they call him Dr. Armbar.
  • 3/25 Dark Horse Team Spring Promotions / Shark Tank / Potluck / Grand Opening
    Saturday March 25th 3-6pm. Come celebrate the grand opening of the academy's new location. A traditional shark tank training session for EVERYONE, followed by belt promotions, a potluck, and general shenanigans. Grill available, don't all bring chips please. 
  • 3/27 and 3/28 Bring a Buddy Days
    Help us grow the tribe! On March 27 and 28, we're hosting Bring a Buddy Days. The Fundamentals and All Levels classes will be especially geared to new students.They don't need anything to attend - just an interest in learning a helathy new hobby that could save their lives. Please invite your friends and family and help us share the gift of BJJ with as many people as we can. If a friend or family member chooses to become a student, we'll happily credit you one month's tuition. 
  • 5/13 Fight to Win BJJ Tournament
    May 13th, Fight to Win will host their next local tournament. Full details can be found on their website at f2wbjj.com
  • 4/8 Thrift Shop Party
    April 8th, 5pm. A Dark Horse tradition. Show up in your finest thrift store attire, but bring a different outfit to wear home. Ever wanted to choke someone wearing a polyester leisure suit? Or get armbarred by someone in a Raggedy Ann costume? How about exploring the defensive capabilities of the Slanket? Come roll around for a couple of hours, destroy your fellow student's ridiculous thrift shop outfits, and enjoy some adult libations. Bring a guest!
  • June 24th Dark Horse Team Summer Promotions
    Location and Time TBD, but expect a delightful summer BBQ. 

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