Dark Horse Denver Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Weekly News - 6/6/2016

Spring BBQ and Promotions this weekend! Note the time!

The Dark Horse Denver Spring BBQ and Promotions is this Saturday at 5pm at Waneka Lake Park in Lafayette. Driving directions are here. All the info you may need about what the park offers is here. Our Facebook event for the park is here.  Some things to know: 
  • SUPER IMPORTANT: There was some confusion about the time, which is our fault. The event is at 5pm.
  • It's a POTLUCK, so show off your skills! Alchemy will be coming through with some hot meat in the form of burgers and dogs, so please spice that up with whatever you'd like to go with it. 
  • There are PADDLE BOATS!
  • Adult beverages are allowed, in cans.
  • Your kids, dogs, friends, family etc are most certainly invited. 
  • SubCon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament July 10th. Signup info is here. Please let Professor Charles know if you're going to sign up and compete. This BJJ tournament is run in an IBJJF style so is a good preview of what it's like to compete at Worlds/Pans etc. 
  • Fight to Win Pro 7 July 15th. This is the most exciting event in professional BJJ/Grappling in America today. Always a great show and a great way to promote the art and support the local community. This card is STACKED, see it and get tickets here
  • Fight to Win Colorado Open BJJ Tournament. August 20th. The biggest and best local tournament wraps up the summer and we expect another big team to show up for this one. Details are here.
  • Marcelo Garcia Seminar August 13th. Often called "The Michael Jordan of Grappling". This is a unique and rare opportunity to learn from the greatest of all time. Tickets, info etc here. 
  • Schedule Change 6/16: This Thursday the 9th will be the last day of the old Thursday schedule. Starting 6/16, the Thursday schedule will be basically the same as the Tuesday schedule: All Levels BJJ at 12pm, Open Mat at 5pm,  Fundamentals at 6pm, Intermediate/Advanced at 7pm, Takedowns and Competition Training at 8pm. 

Speech of the Week: Help new students, but be nice

New students are by their very nature ignorant of how things work at the academy. This is not meant as an insult to them, and it certainly isn't their fault - they just don't know. We were all once like that. The challenge for all of us as existing students is to show them the ropes while not making them feel out of place. It's hard enough just to start something as difficult uncomfortable as Brazilian jiu jitsu. We can easily make it worse by making snarky, sarcastic comments about how new students are doing things wrong. It could be improper technique, tying the belt wrong, or lining up in the wrong spot. We're all guilty of those snarky comments - myself included. But those all too often make people feel out of place, and then they don't come back. I know we don't have a single person that doesn't want to share the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu with new people, so let's not chase them away when they actually show up. Help the new students out, show them the ropes, but be nice about it. 


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