Schedule Changes and New Classes - Starting March 1st

Schedule Changes - Starting March 1st

Please make a note of the following schedule changes, which will kick in on Tuesday, March 1st. These changes will only effect the evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are excited to increase the classes we offer and to offer black belt level instruction. Please note that these schedule changes, as with any schedule change or new class, is subject to attendance. We've added classes that people have requested - specifically no-gi and judo for BJJ classes. However, if attendance is poor, those classes may disappear. Vote with your attendance - make sure those classes stay on the schedule by showing up consistently. 


All Levels BJJ - 12pm
Kids BJJ - 5-545pm
Fundamentals BJJ - 6-7pm - Coach Jason
Intermediate/Advanced BJJ - 7-8pm - Professor Charles
No-Gi BJJ All Levels -8-9pm - Coach Jason


All Levels BJJ - 12pm
Kids BJJ - 5-545pm
Intermediate/Advanced BJJ - 6-7pm - Professor Charles
Fundamentals BJJ - 7-8pm- Coach Jason
Judo for BJJ - All Levels -8-9pm - Coach Lafe

New Instructors

Professor Charles Gaffield will be teaching the Intermediate/Advanced classes. Prof. Charles received his black belt from Prof. Erwin Lopez of TriTown BJJ, and is part of the Renzo Gracie/Amal Easton lineage. 

Coach Lafe Spietz will be teaching Judo for BJJ. Lafe has been a Judo black belt for almost ten years and is a purple belt in BJJ. 

New Rules for Eligibility for Classes

White belts with 2 stripes or more, Green belts and anyone above green belt are invited to attend any of our classes. New white belts (less than 2 stripes) are invited to attend Fundamentals, All Levels, No-Gi BJJ and Judo for BJJ classes. Please ask if you have any questions. 

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