Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tip: Favorite Post-Training Body Wash

Quick tip for you today on post-training care. we’ve talked at length in the past about keeping it clean post-training. There are lots of creepy-crawlies out there. Hopefully your academy cleans the mats (and the rest of the gym) properly (meaning every day) and thoroughly (meaning they use a hospital-grade disinfectant). At Dark Horse Denver we certainly do.

Having said that, you still want to clean yourself up as well as possible after getting sweaty and tackling each other repeatedly. We highly recommend that you take a shower as soon as possible after training. (That’s why we have showers at the dojo). My favorite body wash to use after training is this Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash from Trader Joe’s.

Tea Tree Oil is a traditional folk remedy that is undergoing scientific research for treatment of various skin diseases. It is believed to have antibacterial properties effective even against nasty stuff like MRSA. In addition, this stuff has eucalyptus and peppermint in it. Not only is it probably doing you some good in the antibacterial department, it’s also very refreshing. They don’t call it “Tingle” for nothing. It’s the perfect cool-down after training. Highly recommended.

Is there something better than this stuff out there? Let us know in the comments.


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