5 Ways to Pay For Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

I often hear from people that they would love to train BJJ but cannot afford it. I get it – BJJ is expensive. It’s more expensive than 24Hour fitness, it’s more expensive than going jogging, and it’s more expensive than lifting weights in your basement. If those activities are completely fulfilling your fitness needs, then you’re all set, and this article isn’t for you.

For many of us, though, we really want something more out of our fitness. Something that transforms not just your body, but your attitude and outlook on life. For many of us, a combat sport is far more effective, engaging, and enjoyable than typical fitness activities. BJJ scratches that itch, which is why people tend to rave about it. Which leads to all of you out there that would like to do it, but think you can’t afford it. Behold these 5 ways to pay for BJJ training (or a lot of other things, really). Some of them will pay for your training by themselves, and some of them need to be combined with another option. But you certainly don’t have to do all of them.

Less eating out, more cooking for yourself.
Let’s say you generally eat out at something reasonably affordable, like Chipotle. (If you eat fast food, you need to stop that for a whole other list of reasons). That’s $20-30 a day. By the end of the month, you’ve saved easily $600. That’d pay for class plus privates. And some other junk, too. The other bonus here is that you’ll generally eat healthier at home as well. You’ll probably see some weight loss and performance gain in the bargain.

Buy less drinks, drink more water.
Sure, a soda from the machine is only a dollar. But Starbucks can easily be $5. If you average $3-4 bucks a day from the vending machine, that’s $120 a month. You’d pay for it right there. If you have a heavy Starbucks habit, you’d save even more, maybe $10-12 a day. You will also likely lose some weight and feel better, by cutting down on caffeine and sugar and increasing water.

Less nights out, more movie nights at home.
I’d say an average drink at the bar is probably $6-8. If you have a couple of those at the bar 4 or 5 times a week, that’s going to be at least $90 a month. Netflix is only $12 a month. Redbox is also cheap. You could save yourself a cool $75 a month by staying in more and having movie nights instead of going out.

Less crappy snacks.
The vending machine is just sooooo tempting about 3 pm. I understand that, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a snack at that time. It’s better to plan ahead and bring something healthy from home – I prefer fruits and nuts for real energy. Much healthier than Doritos. Sure, it’ll only save you a couple of bucks a day, but by the end of the month, it’s $60, and that’s halfway to BJJ tuition.

Less impulse clothes shopping, more sale shopping.
It’s a little harder to put numbers around this, because I have no idea what type of clothes you wear. Let’s use the average pair of jeans at the Gap as an example. Every pair of ladies’ jeans at the gap is $70. However, Gap regularly does sales of 30-40% off. So those jeans could be just $40. That $30-$40 savings is a solid step toward your BJJ class tuition.

This is just a handful of options to get you thinking. If you have other good ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments. The point is that if you really want to get on the mats, you have options. Everything is a choice.


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