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Discover the "Art of Eight Limbs" at Dark Horse Combat Club. Muay Thai, "The Art of Eight Limbs," combines the use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, and feet to effectively defend against the toughest opponents. Develop physical and mental discipline with a martial arts class that will get you fit and engage your entire body.

Muay Thai is great for more than just mastering efficient self defense skills, after just a few of our classes you will also increase your confidence, become stronger, and feel happy! Our classes are fun! You will be surrounded by a group of positive, like-minded individuals who are striving to meet the same goals you are! With Muay Thai classes at Dark Horse Combat Club you get more than just excellent instruction, you get a support system!

Kickboxing Denver

Improve Your Life With Muay Thai Kickboxing in Denver!

  • See a boost in your self-confidence
  • Master important self-defense moves
  • See your energy levels increase as your stress levels decrease
  • Increase muscle tone and lose unwanted pounds
  • Become faster, stronger, and fitter

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