• Joey and Jason are both great instructors. Ladies, don’t be intimidated – they will make you feel comfortable and teach you how to kick ass!

    Kate C.
  • Really great vibes in this place! Awesome Jiu Jitsu instruction! Joey has an extremely deep and technical understanding of the art, and genuinely cares about the success of his students. Very reasonably priced in the world of BJJ, and up front about pricing. Love it!

    Matthew H.
  • Jiu Jitsu is something I have wanted to take on but never found the motivation to make it to any formal classes. My friend brought me along to a beginner class a month ago and I instantly got hooked. Besides it being an easy location for me to sneak out on a lunch break for a class, there is great instruction, and friendly people. Highly recommend checking out Dark Horse!

    Evan B.
  • I had always stayed away from BJJ because I thought it was full of bros. Joey and Jason came to Judo one night and after meeting them, I reconsidered my previous notions. They take the time to explain each piece so that by the time you end class you have a new string of movements put together. It has incredibly enhanced my judo game as well as helped me with stress management in my professional and personal life. If you’re thinking of joining a BJJ team, Dark Horse Denver is the way to go!

    Chris R.
  • BJJ is physical exercise in an activity that I enjoy and also requires the use of my brain. Motivation to better myself both physically and mentally.The instruction and structure of the curriculum are head and shoulders above what I’ve experienced in the handful of classes at the other two schools I’ve been to. Fun. Release from a hard week/day. Camradarie.

    Jonathan G.
  • Dark Horse Denver’s BJJ program has a great group of students which range from all types of skill levels and background. Coaches Joey and Jason are excellent in both walking and talking you through strategic movements. They also are great at getting to know students on a personal level, and applying advice accordingly.

    Chris S.
  • Great workout of both body and mind! What more could one ask… After just a few days/weeks I think you figure out you are part of a tribe and it IS A GOOD THING to depend on and be depended on for a little something these days…

    Jim C.
  • Dark Horse Denver is an excellent place to learn BJJ. I have been doing judo for 26 years and have never been even remotely interested in BJJ until I met Joey Chase and Jason Cox. They started a BJJ class at Denver Judo where I coach and my entire family started training with them. Joey and Jason are excellent instructors and I am truly enjoying their classes. If you want to learn BJJ Dark Horse is the place to be!

    Scott M.


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